Do you know the truth about lightning?

Direct Strike is a professional contracting firm with a very particular speciality. We are the top team providing lightning protection installation Peterhead has to offer. It is our job to make certain that clients have effective solutions in place.

Lightning facts you should know

We are a business that works hard to provide the finest lightning protection installation Edinburgh has to give. People feel more at ease when they work with us. This is because they know the job is in great hands. The innovative solutions we create show our commitment to quality assurance and keeping everyone safe.

The dangers of lightning strikes and those who are vulnerable

When they need a team that offers first rate lightning protection installation Dundee property owners visit us. We have been operating in this industry for more than five decades. The solutions we create are the highest quality so they can keep properties and inhabitants safe. We support people in various industries, including data centres.

Don’t believe that “lightning never strikes the same place twice”

Lightning is a force of nature which is incredibly powerful. A strike can cause substantial damage to your structure and its contents, something which is expensive and time consuming. Most importantly, people can get hurt by the surge of energy. This is why you need the lightning protection installation Carlisle depends on. We use our…

The important details about lightning protection

When they need help with lightning protection installation Aberdeen clients contact us. In an industry like this, we can’t afford to get anything wrong. As luck would have it, our management team has more than five decades of experience. They use their knowledge to make certain that each system is fit for use so it…

The fire risk of lightning

A change to your property with the professional lightning protection installation Glasgow trusts can keep it safe. This will mitigate the threat lightning poses and direct it to the ground where it won’t impact your structure or its occupants.

Lightning protection systems for historic buildings

Direct Strike is a business that strives to produce reliable lightning protection systems. In an industry such as ours, you cannot afford any mistakes. Instead you need to offer a solution that ensures maximum security from the elements. This is exactly what we do.

Ground connections are essential for protection systems

When someone in the UK or Ireland requires lightning protection, they speak with us. Direct Strike has been working in this area for several decades so we have a lot of experience. In addition, during this time we have come to understand what it is clients expect from us. This is a solution that can…

Frequently asked questions about our lightning protection systems

Lightning protection systems work best when applied as a bespoke solution for a property. This ensures they meet the specific requirements. It doesn’t matter if it is for a substation, pharmaceutical plant, school, or a different type of site; we can create a system that is safe and reliable.

The consequences of having no lightning protection for businesses

The last thing you want to do is face the more adverse weather conditions without protection. We are a company that’s here to provide you with one. With more than 50 years of experience in the lightning protection industry, our team knows what it is doing. We don’t just supply these measures though. We also…