Lightning comes out of the ground and sparkling ice can cause it

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When the subject of lightning comes up, someone inevitably says that it doesn’t strike the same place twice. However if you have experience with lightning you will know that the opposite is actually the truth. There are also several other facts about it that you need to know of.

It can come from the ground

One of the things you can’t forget is that lightning comes out of the ground in addition to down from the sky. To you, it probably looks like there is a single bolt that zigzags towards the earth. However, there is a bolt that jumps up in order to meet it too. The bolt from below happens to be so rapid that we are unable to see it.

The potential of sparkling ice

Lightning protection installation DundeeAnother fact is that sparkling ice is responsible for lightning. There is a lot of research into this and the mechanisms that cause it. Studies discovered that two separate kinds of ice are accountable. When strong updrafts are present, the ice is able to manifest inside a storm cloud. This is even possible in the tropics. Should these two kinds of ice hit each other, they shall start creating sparks. They will build a huge electrical charge up and produce the lightning.

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