Examine the earth resistance, joints, and bonds

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Annual checks

You must have your lightning protection systems inspected and tested annually. This is a British and European Standards requirement. According to the standard, you should repeat your tests at specific intervals. Ideally, they should not exceed 12 months.

However, some engineers suggest that it might be beneficial to select a period marginally shorter than this. As a result you will be able to vary the seasons over time. Professionals offer this advice because earth resistance ratings don’t merely grow yearly. They also rise during the summer as the earth dries out.

Other things to check

Besides examining the earth resistance, it is also vital for an engineer to assess the bonds and joints. They need to make certain there is no corrosion and that both still possess electrical continuity. In some cases it will also be wise to do a complete survey of the roof.


High earth resistance readings or poor joints can lead to flashover. The current can travel quickly to other metal objects on or inside the structure. It is even possible for this to occur without a direct strike.

Lightning protection testing EdinburghEvery lightning conductor picks up static, regardless of whether a storm is five miles away or not. Therefore, it is sensible to guarantee that metal items are connected to the conductor arrangement. This will stop flashover from happening.

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Contact us today to find out how we can assist you. With the current period of warm weather and storms, it will be a good idea to test systems even if there was no lightning in your area.