Your lightning protection may need a check up

Everyone wants the most out of their investments. This is especially true for the systems in place to defend a property. We help to make this a reality, providing the greatest lightning protection testing Glasgow has to offer. The tests we perform will leave nothing out.

Owners of lightning protection often wonder how much they need to care for it. Industry recommendations demand that you carry out annual visual checks. In addition, every three to five years you should do an in-depth assessment. There also needs to be a follow up report or a quality assurance certification. Critical set ups might require more frequent surveys. This depends on the environment, occupancy, and activity.


Routine maintenance checks aren’t the only important things here though. You need to attend to your systems at certain times. Do so when you make modifications, repairs, or alter the building. A qualified lightning protection specialist can adjust or repair the system. They can also do a follow up assessment. This guarantees the system will still work properly. It will keep following the set safety standards as well.

Older systems

Lightning protection testing GlasgowThere are concerns with older systems to consider too. Your building may already have lightning protection. However, you might not know how old it is. By extension, you will have no idea if the set up meets the current safety standards. If so, you will need to schedule lightning protection maintenance checks. Your system may also include out of date components. You should ask us to replace them if it does.

At Direct Strike, we have teams with the training to test various systems. As a result we will ensure that your installation is in the right state. Once we finish, we will issue a report detailing everything we found out.

If you want to work with the best team for lightning protection testing Glasgow has, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. We offer reliable, consistent services for various properties.