The dangers of lightning strikes and those who are vulnerable

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There is always a chance that lightning will hit your structure or facility. However, the chance of this depends on several details. This includes humidity and temperature. Other details include the height, design, and location. Even a locale that doesn’t have thunderstorms often can have an event if these elements are just right. The strikes here shall be high intensity ones.

You should also keep in mind that lightning has become more volatile in recent years. This is generally because of climate change.

Lightning’s effects

Lightning protection installation Dundee

Lightning can ruin any operation. Both direct and close strikes can cause a surge of power that can cause lots of damage. It could easily cripple your work. The risks can include lengthy downtimes and equipment failure. Others would be infrastructure damage and loss of products. In some cases the current can harm people who are using equipment within the property.

Which properties are most vulnerable?

The most vulnerable industries include energy and tank storage. Saying this, others aren’t safe. Inside a petrochemical facility, lightning is able to ignite fires and cause explosions. Both can result in huge loses and a serious risk to life. Environmental cleanups may be necessary as well. For these companies, the impact can be disastrous. You should install lightning protection to avoid all this.

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