Lightning facts you should know

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Lightning is very dangerous and has the potential to cause injury and property damage. However, there are people who don’t realise they are at risk. Additionally, there are several other details they may not know. These could prove useful in future. Read on to discover what some of them are.

Negative charge

The bottom section of a storm can be negatively charged and may release an invisible charge. This usually goes towards the ground. When this happens the current becomes attracted to all the positively charged items. A channel then develops shortly afterwards. The ensuing electrical transfer in this channel is lightning.

The danger of positive lightning

Positive lightning is especially hazardous. The reason why is that it routinely strikes away from the rain core, going either behind or ahead of the thunderstorm. It is possible for it to strike 5 or 10 miles from the storm. Strikes can also happen in places that individuals don’t think are lightning-risk areas.

Entering a building

Lightning protection installation EdinburghLightning can enter your building in several ways as well. A direct strike can go through pipes or wires that expand outside the edifice and into the ground. The electric could even strike the ground nearby and use these same pipes and wires to enter a property. It’s possible for lightning to travel through metal bars or wires in concrete flooring or walls too.

Once in a building, lightning can travel through the radio, plumbing, and electrical systems. As a result there are lots of risks to cater for.

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