Do you know the truth about lightning?

Direct Strike is a professional contracting firm with a very particular speciality. We are the top team providing lightning protection installation Peterhead has to offer. It is our job to make certain that clients have effective solutions in place.

At any time around 1,800 thunderstorms are happening around the world. The majority of them will have lightning. This is a big risk for properties and people. While it is possible to install protective systems on all kinds of property, it is harder to protect people. This is especially difficult if they are outside during the storm. The best bet is to take shelter in a structure or vehicle. It is also helpful to know the myths and facts about lightning.


One common misconception is that lightning only targets the tallest objects. This isn’t actually the case. The fact of the matter is that lightning is indiscriminate. Regardless of where you are, it can find you. Lightning could strike the ground rather than a tree. It may even hit a car instead of a local telephone pole. You’re not safe in a car park either; lightning can strike it instead of that tall building nearby.

You need more than surge suppressors and arresters

Lightning protection installation Peterhead

Another misunderstanding is that surge suppressors alone are enough to safeguard your home. It is true that the suppressors and surge arresters are vital elements of a lightning protection system. Yet, they are unable to defend a building against a direct strike. You must install these items in tandem with a system for complete house protection.

At Direct Strike, we can provide you with the complete system you are looking for. We design ours specifically so that they can cope with high intensity strikes. You can expect them to protect you against currents as powerful as 1,000,000,000 amps. We have the skills to install systems on various properties. As a result we are the best provider of lightning protection installation Peterhead has.

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