Don’t believe that “lightning never strikes the same place twice”

Lightning is a force of nature which is incredibly powerful. A strike can cause substantial damage to your structure and its contents, something which is expensive and time consuming. Most importantly, people can get hurt by the surge of energy. This is why you need the lightning protection installation Carlisle depends on. We use our innovative systems to provide a property with what it needs to stay safe.

Don’t believe everything you hear

There are a lot of people who are familiar with the saying ‘lightning never strikes in the same place twice’ but this is not true. There are plenty of cases where it has struck the same location more than once. For example, the Empire State Building is struck about 25 times a year.

You cannot predict where lightning will hit; it could strike in the exact same place it did in the past. This is why protection systems are necessary to protect from the extensive damage that can occur. A consultation with professionals can help you know how to keep your property safe while meeting your precise needs.

A single flash can cause a lot of damage

Many people think differently but the truth is that one flash of lightning could strike various places at once. One NASA study found that out of recorded lightning flashes, 35% had two or more strike points. As a result it is important to protect against this.

Whether there are one or several lightning strikes, it can cause severe damage to equipment or serious injuries to people in the property. You need to have an effective form of protection in place to minimise this risk.

An essential system

lightning protection installation CarlisleThe solution is to utilise the technology available. You can do this through the advanced lightning protection installation Carlisle trusts. At Direct Strike we have experience working on various types of sites so that everyone can receive a solution to suit their needs. We can even install systems on listed and historic buildings.

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