Test lightning protection systems before it is too late

Direct Strike has a wealth of experience, making us the go to firm for lightning protection systems. It is our job to supply a wide variety of useful services. As well as installation, our company is the top one specialising in lightning protection testing Dundee has. We can arrange regular tests to ensure each system works and maximises safety.

Whether they have a simple system or a complex one, every company must ensure they maintain the lightning protection. A vital part of this is testing. It will help to identify the condition of the system and whether it is working. If you fail to do this you cannot be confident that it will work when you need it, especially if it has been in place for years.

Check all components

After installation, large sections of the system will be hard to access. In some cases, they are hidden to preserve the aesthetics of the structure. Because of this, you need to choose a professional to do the work. They will be able to assess every component to check it. As a result, you can be confident that everything works.

While every component needs testing, there are some that need special focus. For example, it is vital to check the mechanical condition of the earth electrodes and joints. In addition, it is wise to look at the bonds and conductors too.


lightning protection testing DundeeOne thing people struggle with is deciding how often to check their lightning protection systems. In many cases, they feel that because there has been no bad weather there is no need for a test. However, this is a bad decision. While it may not have been used, the components in the system can still be exposed to wear and tear. In the worst cases, they could fail as a result. To avoid the potential issues this can cause, it is a good idea to get testing at fixed intervals. Ideally, this should not exceed 12 months.

At Direct Strike, we perform comprehensive inspections. We have had the pleasure to work on airports, churches, sports stadiums and other structures. After every test, we will give you a report to show the findings.

If you require the best lightning protection testing Dundee has, contact us. We are a reliable team who will do every test with care so we provide the most useful information.