Lightning Protection in Dundee

Direct Strike is the go to company for lightning protection in Dundee. We can design, install, maintain and repair all kinds of system, including earthing and surge protection. Our team combine exceptional skills and experience to give each client the best service. In addition we have lots of accreditations to show just how good we…

Lightning Protection in Carlisle

Lightning has the potential to strike anywhere and can cause lots of damage. If it hits a structure it can put lives and the contents at risk. For example the current could damage electronic appliances and landline telephones. In addition the heat it generates could result in a fire. If you have any concerns about…

Lightning Protection in Aberdeen

At Direct Strike our aim is to offer the most reliable lightning protection in Aberdeen. We support our clients, working to ensure that the systems we install are fit for purpose. In addition we strive to protect the structure itself, preserving the architecture and building materials. What is the risk? Lightning is a huge hazard…

Lightning Protection in Glasgow

The main issue with lightning is it is unpredictable. As a result you cannot determine where it will occur and how severe it will be. There are some indications properties are more at risk though, including their height and location. The best way to be sure that a structure is safe is to choose a…

Preventing the corrosion of your lightning protection systems

High intensity lightning strikes can cause a huge amount of damage if left unchecked. There’s one definitive way of dealing with them; install lightning protection. We are a company that specialises in this area. In addition to being reliable, our systems are some of the most cost effective options you can choose.

Design lightning protection systems properly

Different types of weather can cause damage to your property. The chances of this happening are particularly high when there is lightning. We have measures to counter it however. Our company supplies the finest lightning protection systems available. These solutions are reliable and reduce the risks.

You should protect every structure against lightning

Direct Strike is a contractor that excels in lightning protection solutions. We’re capable of designing, supplying, and installing them on a wide array of structures. Our team can test, repair, and maintain them as well. Therefore, we can offer a complete service that will keep clients safe.