The important details about lightning protection

When they need help with lightning protection installation Aberdeen clients contact us. In an industry like this, we can’t afford to get anything wrong. As luck would have it, our management team has more than five decades of experience. They use their knowledge to make certain that each system is fit for use so it keeps people as safe as possible.

Globally, 40 to 50 lightning strikes occur every second. Moreover, each strike can have as many as 1 billion volts. The voltage and frequencies here are very dangerous. They can result in irreversible property damage and serious personal injury. As a result you should have a defence system in place. We can provide this, catering for a wide array of different properties. This even includes listed buildings.

Managing the passage of the discharge

There isn’t any known way of stopping a lightning discharge from happening. Therefore, a lightning protection system’s purpose is to manage the passage of the current. It must do this in a way that prevents property damage and personal injury. The way to do this is ensure an easy path to ground where the electricity can’t get to the electrics or utilities.

Engineers, developers, designers, and architects must assess the need to supply lightning protection. The best time for them to do this is in the initial stages of the design. You cannot give any stern rules here. However, you can use broad guidelines to provide suitable protection.

What to think about

Lightning protection installation Aberdeen

You must consider a number of factors when you are planning lightning protection. Examples include the issues that arise as a result of lightning-generated failure. Others would be the level of risk to equipment and people. Possible structural damage is also a vital thing to think about.

At Direct Strike, we offer lightning protection installation Aberdeen clients from various industries rely on. We have the skill to create measures for buildings in a wide variety of areas. Therefore, we can meet the unique needs of every client. It does not matter what industry you belong to; you can come to us for help.

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