The link between lightning protection and mains electric

To safeguard your property against the elements, you must have the right protection. We help people by supplying the finest lightning protection systems they can find. In addition, we offer an after sales service to support clients for years to come. We cater for all needs and locations, offering a system to keep the property, contents and inhabitants safe.

Lightning protection and mains systems both deal with electricity. However, the parameters that the two handle are unique. The former focuses on incredibly high currents and swift rising impulses. These come as a result of lightning strikes that hit the structure or strike in the vicinity.

On the other hand, mains power offers a consistent electricity supply. Normally, it has an alternating current at a much lower voltage. In addition, there’s a very low frequency. This is so it can power the appliances in a building.

Safe coordination

Inevitably, a link forms between the mains and lightning protection systems. It’s essential to coordinate both of them in a safe way. The last thing you want is for the latter to allow current to flow into the mains. This could damage everything plugged in and harm anybody using the devices if lightning does strike.

Lightning ProtectionYou can fit surge protective devices (SPDs) into the mains at the service point, the intake point, and a series of other downstream points. You support SPDs via local bonding and screening. They defend the systems from surges. On top of this, they protect the structure from fires that can result from sparking.

At least at the lower level, the two systems have a connection. At the other levels, you should provide separate bonding or proper separation. This is to lower the risk of flashover.

At Direct Strike, we have completed a huge number of projects. This includes ones in the healthcare, commercial, and retail industries. We aim to guarantee superior results every time. To do so, we only use materials that have been tested and approved for use.

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