Lightning Protection in Dublin

The reason we are the top provider of lightning protection in Dublin is we achieve very high standards for each client. We design and install reliable systems that can offer protection against up to 1,000,000,000 Amps. This ensures that the property, contents, and most importantly, the inhabitants, are safe.

A three part system

Each structural lightning protection system has three essential parts;

The air termination network

This is the series of rods that extend above the roof to attract the lightning. The aim of the network is to have some control over where the current will strike. Therefore they tend to be highly conductive and are usually the highest point.

The down conductor network

When lightning strikes it must have a safe, unobstructed path to the ground. The down conductors allow this. They are also highly conductive so the energy can move quickly down the property.

The earth termination network

The final piece of the system is the earth termination. The safest thing to do with the electrical current is dissipate it into the ground where it won’t reach any amenities. As a result the conductor network will end at a rod driven into the ground.

Bespoke systems

There is no one size fits all solution for lightning protection. The systems must be bespoke to reflect the level of risk and the specifics of the structure, including the height and materials. In addition the down conductor network must be specific so it creates a safe, direct path to earth.

At Direct Strike we ensure each system is suitable for the property in question, regardless of the scale. We have lots of experience of working on different buildings, including industrial and commercial properties.

In addition we have worked on listed and heritage buildings. We always take the utmost care when designing and installing systems to ensure there is no damage to the property.

It is our goal to offer the highest quality lightning protection in Dublin. We work closely with clients so we get a good grasp of the level of risk. This knowledge then helps us to create a reliable system.

If you have any questions about the hazards lightning causes or how our systems work, please get in touch.