Lightning Protection in Peterhead

It is always better to be proactive when it comes to safety. This is very true in terms of lightning because you can’t predict when it will happen or where it will strike. As a result it is wise to invest in a protective system. At Direct Strike we design solutions for various properties and have some really impressive accreditations. Therefore, we are the best for lighting protection in Peterhead.

Which properties have the most risk?

While predicting where lightning will happen or strike is very tough, there are a number of things that mean the risk is higher for some areas or structures. The elevation is a big issue. Generally the highest point in an area has the most risk. This means high rises and towers are more likely to be struck.

In addition to the height, areas with a warmer climate are more susceptible. Finally the building materials and design can have an impact with the current naturally drawn to conductive metal.

The risk is not just in terms of being struck though. There are some cases where the energy can strike the ground. If there are lots of wires or pipes, the current can travel along them and enter a property this way.


You also need to think about how much damage the current could cause. The risks are higher in properties with complex electrical systems and amenities. This is because wires and metal pipes give the energy more possible routes to travel along. It can put more people at risk. Telephones are a major hazard and anyone on a landline when there is lightning could be seriously injured.

You also need to think about how the excessive current would damage electrical equipment. If it is valuable or serving a vital purpose you need to protect it.

Finally there is the potential of the electrical surge causing a fire. This could be a huge risk that may threaten the safety of everyone in the property as well as the contents.

The right protection

Direct Strike is the one stop shop for lightning protection in Peterhead. We design, install and maintain systems on various properties. Our experience is very broad and we always achieve high standards. Just take a look at our accreditations to see our commitment to professional services.

If you want to discuss a system with us, including the different parts of how we install it, contact us.