Lightning Protection in Carlisle

Lightning has the potential to strike anywhere and can cause lots of damage. If it hits a structure it can put lives and the contents at risk. For example the current could damage electronic appliances and landline telephones. In addition the heat it generates could result in a fire. If you have any concerns about it, rely on Direct Strike. We offer bespoke lightning protection in Carlisle, catering for all kinds of needs.

Directing the current

The key thing to remember is that it is possible to control where the current will go. With an air termination network you can narrow down where the strike will actually land. Rods will extend above the structure, ensuring they are the highest points and therefore the most likely to be struck.

The air termination network will connect to a down conductor network. This creates the path for the energy to travel along. The placement should ensure that the current cannot travel to any other parts of the structure, including through cables, pipes, or gutters. It should also create the fastest route to the ground.

The final piece of a lightning protection system is the ground termination. These points touch the surface and therefore allow the current to dissipate with no harm. They must be located carefully, ensuring they are not close to any utilities in the ground that could allow the current to flow back to the property.

The best services

At Direct Strike we excel at protecting properties against lightning. Our team have a lot of experience and we combine this with some fantastic accreditations. As a result we can offer the most reliable solutions for almost any need. We cater for a wide range of structures, from data centres to schools and also pharmaceutical plants.

Our high quality service really makes us stand out. We design protection systems to suit the specific property as well as the area. In addition we provide installation, maintenance and repairs. This means clients can rely on us from start to finish and if they have any concerns about their system.

We deliver the best lightning protection in Carlisle, giving every client confidence in their system. If you have any questions for us please get in touch.