Lightning Protection in Aberdeen

At Direct Strike our aim is to offer the most reliable lightning protection in Aberdeen. We support our clients, working to ensure that the systems we install are fit for purpose. In addition we strive to protect the structure itself, preserving the architecture and building materials.

What is the risk?

Lightning is a huge hazard that can cause extensive damage to structures, contents, and people. The current can flow through metal pipes as well as cables, meaning a huge risk of injury and fire. It doesn’t even have to strike a structure directly to affect it. In some cases if lightning strikes the ground it can enter a property through cables and pipes buried in the earth.

How to protect a property?

You can’t stop lightning from striking, the only thing you can do is direct it. The aim is to create a safe direct path to the ground where the current will dissipate harmlessly. The way to do this is with a conductor network. The conductors will allow the energy to move quickly while also keeping it away from vulnerable areas.

An essential part of the lightning protection system is the air termination network. It will attract the energy if a strike does happen. It can include rods that extend above a roof so that they are the highest point. As a result they should get struck instead of the roofing or things like aerials or metal gutters.

Bespoke designs

The thing to keep in mind is that every property is unique and lightning is very unpredictable. Therefore each structure needs a bespoke protective system. Our team can design them, ensuring we meet the highest standards. We have excellent accreditations, including ISO 9001 quality assurance and safe contractor through Alcumus. Therefore you can rely on us.

We have experience of working on a wide variety of different properties, from hospitals to retail parks and even substations. Our client base is very broad too, including important organisations like the NHS and companies such as Laing O’Rourke. Whatever you need, we will deliver a safe, reliable system.

If you need lightning protection in Aberdeen we have the skills and experience to help. Contact our team today for advice as well as professional recommendations.