Lightning Protection in Glasgow

The main issue with lightning is it is unpredictable. As a result you cannot determine where it will occur and how severe it will be. There are some indications properties are more at risk though, including their height and location. The best way to be sure that a structure is safe is to choose a protective system. At Direct Strike we offer the most reliable lightning protection in Glasgow.


The thing that makes us stand out is our management team has a wealth of experience. This includes work on a huge array of different structures, from important buildings like schools and hospitals to dangerous industrial premises. We can devise and install safe systems to suit any needs.


To maximise safety it is essential that the lightning protection system can handle the current. However it is difficult to calculate how strong the strike will be. The average is around 30,000 Amps but they could easily be hundreds of times more powerful. It all depends on the conditions. As a result it is better to be safe than sorry when designing a system. This is why we can deliver protection for up to 1,000,000,000 Amps.

Path of least resistance

The systems we design ensure that lightning has no obstacles in its way. Therefore if it strikes a structure it can flow efficiently to the ground and dissipate with little harm. We will ensure that there is no risk to the property, its contents or the inhabitants.

Every system we design features three main parts. The first is the air termination network to attract the lightning. The second is the down conductor network designed to create the path for the current. The final piece is the earth termination network to dissipate the energy.

Our team design effective systems and ensure first rate installation. Clients can rely on us to work safely while also protecting the fabric and architecture of the structure.

If you want the best quality lightning protection in Glasgow, contact Direct Strike. We meet the highest standards to keep every structure safe.