Preventing the corrosion of your lightning protection systems

High intensity lightning strikes can cause a huge amount of damage if left unchecked. There’s one definitive way of dealing with them; install lightning protection. We are a company that specialises in this area. In addition to being reliable, our systems are some of the most cost effective options you can choose.

Corrosion prevention is vital to how long these systems last and how well they perform. Components like the lightning rods and conductors are made of highly conductive metals. Sadly they can also have low corrosion resistance. This means they could wear away if you fail to protect them. However, there are ways of stopping rust from being an issue here. By taking the following steps, you can save a lot of trouble.

Site assessment

You need to perform site assessments. This includes checking how corrosive the soil is. Carry out soil resistivity checks too. In addition, you must consider other corrosive factors that might exist on the site. Things like pollution, the amount of rain, and the specific building materials can all affect the system.

Additional measures

Installing extra lightning protection on potentially corrosive sites is also recommended. Use them if there are any crimped or clamped ground connections too.

A good example of an extra measure would be anti-corrosive tape. This can protect the conductor network. On top of this, when two distinct metals unite, you must place some bi-metallic joints.

You shouldn’t install copper components above aluminium or galvanised steel parts. The exception here is if the latter metals have corrosion protection. Copper parts shed very fine particles. As a result it can trigger rusting in the other materials. It’s the same regardless of whether the galvanised and copper parts touch.

Lightning ProtectionAt Direct Strike, we provide lightning protection to a wide variety of clients. This includes those belonging to the renewable energy, healthcare, and retail industries. To ensure the best results, we only use tried and tested materials in our systems. If necessary, we can also work on listed and historic structures.

If you require our help, please contact us. Our team have a wealth of experience and can offer the very best support. Therefore you can be confident we will put a system in place that will be reliable for the long term.