Design lightning protection systems properly

Different types of weather can cause damage to your property. The chances of this happening are particularly high when there is lightning. We have measures to counter it however. Our company supplies the finest lightning protection systems available. These solutions are reliable and reduce the risks.

A lightning protection set up (LPS) can safeguard a structure from damages. It does so by creating a low resistance path to the earth that the current can follow. It’s then able to disperse into the ground.

An LPS will stop lightning from passing through your building materials. Those buildings most at risk of damage because of the electrical discharge include tall towers. Structures in isolated spaces are often in danger as well. The key here is that the highest point on the landscape is the most likely to get struck.

Consider lightning protection systems during the design phase

You might be considering building a new structure. If so, including a LPS is something you should think about in the design phase. Your design should guarantee that huge voltage currents end up drawn into the system so they don’t cause damage or injure inhabitants.

You should also design and install your LPS in such a way that it can stop side flashes. In addition it is wise to preserve the electrical progression of items to a bonding conductor. By doing this, you can zero any distinctions in electrical potential. This enables any voltage changes to happen concurrently.

Failing to ensure sufficient grounding can compromise your lightning protection systems. This is because the system will not ensure safe dispersal of the energy. You should ensure you have the right earthing in place to keep the property safe.

At Direct Strike, we know that it’s vital to have a protection system that’s been properly designed. We do just that and also take care of installation. Our systems will offer protection against very powerful strikes to minimise your concerns.

If you would like to know more about our solutions, feel free to contact us anytime. We hope to hear from you soon.