You should protect every structure against lightning

Direct Strike is a contractor that excels in lightning protection solutions. We’re capable of designing, supplying, and installing them on a wide array of structures. Our team can test, repair, and maintain them as well. Therefore, we can offer a complete service that will keep clients safe.

Regardless of their purpose, every building could benefit from lightning protection. This is due to the fact that everything inside needs to be safe from the elements. Most people focus on wind, sun, and rain. However, they often forget about lightning. This is a big mistake though because it can cause a huge amount of damage, even if it doesn’t strike a property directly. As a result it is essential to consider a protective system.

What are the effects?

When we think about the effects of lightning, injury and structural damage come to mind. You must account for several other potential issues here too. An example would be electrical surges. These happen due to the current rushing into the building’s electric system. Even low amp strikes can produce a high voltage spike. This can lead to major issues, including tripping off the supply and damaging machinery that is plugged in.

Complete protection

You must have a well thought out lightning protection strategy. It needs to include the transient protection of electrical networks. This is in addition to ensuring the structure itself is safe. A complete system will maximise safety.

People use technology and electronics in practically every industry. Whether it is a public building or a commercial or industrial property, protection is vital. Some structures have a much higher risk too because they contain vital equipment. For example hospitals will be home to life support systems that must remain on and data centres have huge servers that need protecting from voltage spikes.

At Direct Strike, our lightning protection systems can stand up to very high voltage currents. This includes ones as strong as 1,000,000,000 amps. Notably, they offer the path of least resistance to the earth. It is here where the energy dissipates safely.

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