The fire risk of lightning

A change to your property with the professional lightning protection installation Glasgow trusts can keep it safe. This will mitigate the threat lightning poses and direct it to the ground where it won’t impact your structure or its occupants.

Incredibly Dangerous

Thousands of fires every year start because of lightning. This stat is higher than most people realise. A strike can have devastating effects on a property that does not have protection. It can result in extensive damage and puts lives at risk. A fire caused by lightning often starts as a result of internal electrical faults.

How Lightning Enters Properties

There are different ways this can happen. This could be through:

• CSST gas piping, metallic lines, or pipes
• A direct strike
• Power or telephone lines – this will damage electronic equipment as well as internal wiring

• A strike to a chimney
• A system such as cable lines or a garage door
• Amenities e.g. electric gates and irrigation systems
• A roof projection such as a satellite dish or antennas
• A side flash or surge that comes from a tree close by

While a fire might start out small, it can be unpredictable and end up causing a huge number of issues. Whatever the site, Direct Strike can help you. We have worked on numerous projects for places like substations, retail parks, and many other locations.

Protect Your Property

You need the right protection system in place to keep everyone safe. We design impressive solutions and also install them on your behalf. This is one of the best methods of preventing this type of damage. As a result, lightning won’t harm the areas that you want to keep safe. Our work also includes maintenance and repair. This makes Direct Strike the people you can count on.

Our team can help your site to stay safe. This is through first class lightning protection installation Glasgow clients enjoy the results of. We take your needs into consideration for fantastic results. Don’t delay and contact us to speak to our team about our leading work.