Frequently asked questions about our lightning protection systems

Lightning protection systems work best when applied as a bespoke solution for a property. This ensures they meet the specific requirements. It doesn’t matter if it is for a substation, pharmaceutical plant, school, or a different type of site; we can create a system that is safe and reliable.

What Are They?

While you might think of lightning as a natural phenomenon that you cannot do much about, you can protect a property from it. We design our systems with care and the needs of the client in mind. We can supply and install a system so that your site is safe from the damage that lightning can cause.

Lightning is volatile and unpredictable. In the event of a strike, you need a system that can handle the high voltage current. This should avoid any damage or harm by redirecting and then dissipating the energy. We design our solutions to offer that, ensuring the best protection for people, properties and contents.

Who Needs A System Like This?

Thanks to modern advancements, there are more industries and businesses which use complicated infrastructure and electrical systems. They depend on these daily and all of them are important in their own way. Homes also have more electrical equipment in them than ever before. All of this makes protection from lightning crucial. If you leave a property unprotected, you are leaving it vulnerable and people will be at risk.

Lightning ProtectionYou also need to think about the harm that can befall people. Every person deserves a safe environment at home and work. You can make this possible when the right systems are in place. The majority of manufacturing units are replete with metal pipes and towers, fences, and even scaffolding and walkways. All of them can carry electric currents, therefore putting anyone close to or touching them at risk. These are all likely to be struck by lightning. Even an indirect strike can cause a great deal of damage.

How Do I Get This Protection?

The best way to get reliable lightning protection systems is to contact a professional provider. Direct Strike fall into this category and also have a lot of experience. We will work to maximise safety, ensuring that if lightning does happen you don’t need to worry. Trust Direct Strike and contact us today to find out more.