The consequences of having no lightning protection for businesses

The last thing you want to do is face the more adverse weather conditions without protection. We are a company that’s here to provide you with one. With more than 50 years of experience in the lightning protection industry, our team knows what it is doing. We don’t just supply these measures though. We also test them to make sure everything is in order.

One thing you must remember about lightning is that it doesn’t discriminate. It can strike you anywhere and catch everyone off guard. It’s also possible for it to travel and strike somewhere that’s miles away from the storm.

Countless businesses have suffered damage from lightning storms. These days, most of them employ sensitive electronic mechanisms, including computers and machinery. Business owners know the harm lightning can cause here. Despite this, many continue to ignore the risk.

Minor and catastrophic incidents

In some cases lightning may only cause minor damage. The main repercussion here would be that the power surge forces computers to restart. During more catastrophic incidents however, they could experience a complete shutdown or be completely destroyed. Sensitive electronic equipment can end up severely damaged from just a small surge in power if it does not have any protection.

Lightning ProtectionAt the bare minimum, lightning can produce a mean time between failure effect. This affects the functionality and life expectancy of your wiring, electronics, and equipment. There could be a single strike that may seemingly have had no visible effects. However, these strikes can lower the life expectancy of expensive and sensitive equipment.

The current does not even need to strike a property directly to damage the electronics. It could hit the ground outside but the current can still travel through cables and pipes.

To prevent the issues, businesses need to install lightning protection measures. This can include a system to create a shield for the building itself and surge protectors for electrical equipment.

At Direct Strike, we have completed installations at data centres as well as substations. We’ve worked at retail parks and many other locations too. Clients know they can rely on us as we hold accreditations for Safe Contractor, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001. Each system is bespoke, ensuring it offers the highest level of protection.

If you need advice or want to work with us, please get in touch; we are here to help people deal with the hazards lightning causes.