Lightning Protection in Dundee

Direct Strike is the go to company for lightning protection in Dundee. We can design, install, maintain and repair all kinds of system, including earthing and surge protection. Our team combine exceptional skills and experience to give each client the best service. In addition we have lots of accreditations to show just how good we are at what we do.

What damage can lightning cause?

Lightning creates very strong electrical surges. The average level of current is around 30,000 Amps but it could be much higher. This kind of current is powerful enough to burn out various electrical appliances. Anybody using them at the time may face serious injury. The energy can also generate a lot of heat that could in turn cause a fire.

One of the biggest risks with the electrical current is that it can travel through various conductive materials. This includes power lines, telephone lines, and even metal pipes. The power can therefore enter a property even if it doesn’t strike it.

A protective system

The idea of a lightning protection system is to prevent the current from harming a property, the contents or inhabitants. It does this by using a combination of air termination, down conductors and earth termination networks. The system will allow the energy to flow safely down a set route to the ground where it will not cause harm.

At Direct Strike we create bespoke systems to protect properties. This can include hospitals, data centres, industrial facilities and more. While they are all different, each of them tends to contain valuable equipment and machinery. As a result protection against the damage lightning can cause is vital.

The systems we design can offer protection against huge electrical surges. We can ensure they will cope with up to 1,000,000,000 Amps, protecting against even the strongest lightning strikes. With first rate installation as well as support with maintenance and repairs, we are the company to rely on at all times.

Whether your property has been hit before or you want to be proactive, call on us. We offer the very best lightning protection in Dundee, working with clients from all kinds of industries. Whatever specific challenges there are, we can address and tackle them. Get in touch today if you need any help.